Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is an image created using thread, verses an image created using ink as in screen-printing or a printer.

2)What is a normal size for a custom embroidered left or right chest logo?

For a normal crest size embroidery we typically size the logo 3.5”-5”. The smallest text size is usually an indicator as to the overall length of an embroidered logo. Typically we can do lettering no smaller than one eighth of an inch in height. That does depend on the type of material it is being sewn onto also. Small text may have to be modified or removed in order to embroider.

3)What is the normal size for a Hat or Visor Logo?

The overall height for a low profile hat is 2.25”. Higher profile hats can have up to a 2.50” logo. The width can be up to 5” depending on the hat. The max size for a hat back or side is 3”. Embroidery for Visors can vary depending on the visor style. Typically they are 1”-1.5”. Width can be up to 5” depending on the style.

4)How large is a jacket back embroidery?

We can embroider up to 16” x 16”. Most embroidery machines only embroider about 12”-13” widths. We have a stretch machine that has a larger sewing field. The embroidery area is dependent on the jacket size.

5)How much does my logo cost?

Logo costs vary depending on the complexity of your design. It also depends on if it going on a hat, jacket back or crest size. All logos must be submitted for a quote on embroidery.

6)Do you charge by the color for embroidery?

We do not charge by thread color for embroidery. Embroidery pricing is based on stitch count and quantity of products. We will provide you with a quote if you email your logo to us along with the items you are interested in ordering.

7)Can I bring in my own apparel?

Yes, but we reserve the right to refuse to stitch on anything supplied because of quality or cleanliness concerns. We will inform you at the time if we will stitch on supplied articles. We also have a 35% up charge on the embroidery on all supplied products.

8)Does metallic thread cost more?

Yes, we charge more for metallic thread. It is double the price of regular embroidery. Metallic thread is difficult to work with and is not meant for everything. We also reserve the right to refuse to use metallic thread on certain designs and certain products. Metallic thread is metal coated thread so it does not work well on certain products because of this. Colors we have available: Gold, Silver, Variegated, Purple, Green, Royal Blue, Red, Bronze and Pink.

9)Can you embroider on anything?

No, we try very hard to be as diverse as possible to satisfy our customer’s needs. If we can hoop it and get it on the machine we can stitch it. That is our usual motto. We have done numerous odd items. Car headliners, head rests, door panels (prior to being put in), golf bags, hockey bags, briefcases, portfolios, quilt squares, tree skirts, Christmas stockings and even toilet paper.

10)What is appliqué and do you do it?

Appliqué is the process of embroidering twill material into a section of a design. It is typically used for appearance and also to reduce thread count, therefore the design is less expensive. It is also less time consuming on our machines. We will sometimes suggest using an appliqué piece instead of embroidering a large area. Appliqué’s have a solid column border stitching, unlike tackle twill which has a zig zag stitch.

11)How much does appliqué cost?

That depends on the design and how large the area is that is going to have the appliqué piece. All designs that can be done with an alternative in appliqué will be suggested when your logo is evaluated.

12)How many colors of twill material do you have? We have approximately 40+ colors of twill material.

13)What is tackle twill?

Tackle twill is cut letters or designs that are sewn on to apparel or a table cover with a zig zag stitch and then heat pressed to seal the letters or designs to the garment.

14)Are there minimums on promotional products?

Yes, and they are all different depending on the supplier.

15)How do I send my logo to you?

You can email your logo to We accept these formats: jpeg, gif, tiff, bmp, eps or illustrator. We can also scan in business cards, hand drawings, letterhead or pictures.

16)How many colors can I use?

We can use up to 15 different colors without extra charges. If you go over 15 colors there will be extra charges. Logos or designs with 15+ colors will have to be quoted.

17)How long does it usually take to get my product?

We usually tell people to plan on two weeks. Orders can be done faster depending on our current workload and the time of year. We do rush orders and rush charges may apply. October thru December is our busiest time of the year so plan on 3 weeks lead time.

18)What is digitizing?

Digitizing is the process of converting a graphic design to machine commands that an embroidery machine uses to stitch the logo or design. A digitizer determines exactly how they want the design to stitch based on the type of apparel (t-shirts, fleece or hats etc.) and what types of stitches are being used to create the design. They determine where the design starts, ends, thread trims and color changes. Logos are typically digitized for types of apparel they are being sewn on to. The same logo will look different on different types of material. All logos need to be compensated when being stitched on hats, fleece and other types of apparel. We charge for digitizing and embroidery. Embroiderers that claim to have free embroidery and free digitizing have that price built into the cost of their apparel. Do some comparison shopping for prices of product with and without embroidery before deciding on one company.

19)How much does it cost to digitize my logo?

Digitizing fees are based on stitch counts and range in price for a crest logo, $45-110. Jacket back designs range in price $140-175.00. Digitizing is a onetime charge as long as the logo is reused and no changes are requested to be made. If there is editing of the logo later it is generally a $35 editing charge.

20)Do you do rush orders?

Yes, we do rush orders. Each rush order is quoted on an individual basis.

21)Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we take VISA, MC, AMEX and DISCOVER. We may accept purchase orders once you have established credit with us and pay be check.

22)Can you match PANTONE PMS colors?

Some PANTONE colors have exact matches for thread colors and others do not. Those colors have to be matched as close as possible and will have to be approved prior to embroidering product.

23)Can I use the same logo for everything?

It depends on the logo and how it was originally set up. If the logo was not digitized for a hat or a different type of material than it was originally set up for, it may have to be reset up in order to stitch properly. If it is a logo we digitized, we typically make a file for hats and one for flat apparel.

24)If I already have a digitized logo can you use that and do I have to pay to digitize it again?

We can take a digitized logo and we will stitch it for your approval prior to starting the order. We cannot guarantee the quality of anyone else’s digitizing. If we cannot open the file or it is a format we cannot use it will have to be digitized. We will not guarantee our digitized files on anything other that what is what set up for.

25)Can you embroider on hat backs and sides?

Yes, we can.

26)Do you have a minimum order size?

No, we do not, just to keep in mind embroidery and apparel has quantity discounts.

27)Can I purchase blank apparel?

Yes, we sell blank apparel all our prices online do not include embroider or screen-printing pricing.

28)Do you charge sales tax?

We only charge sales tax on non clothing items. Sales taxes will be computed on items automatically.

29)Do you embroider patches?

Yes we do patches. They do have minimums and all jobs must be quoted. Patch orders take approximately 2-4 weeks.

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