Dress Shirts-Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly! Eco Friendly shirts made from recycled post consumer products and bamboo.

e.c.o. Performance Apparel from Ash City made from Bamboo. Bamboo is known to be the fastest growing plant on earth. It’s also a naturally renewable, eco-friendly product that is easy on the environment, thriving naturally without the use of harmful pesticides. A bamboo forest releases 35% more oxygen than an equivalent size forest. Every strand of bamboo fiber boasts a luxurious soft hand, elegant sheen and durability while keeping you cooler than cotton.

Did You Know…..Bamboo is classifies botanically as a grass, and can grow up to 36” in one day due to its ability to absorb extreme amounts of water!

PLEASE NOTE: All apparel is blank pricing only. Imprinting is an extra charge.

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PLEASE NOTE: All apparel is blank pricing only. Embroidery is an extra charge.

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